Care Instructions

Care Instructions
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With over four generations experience in creating trends, craftsmanship, collecting treasured pieces of the pashmina heritage and caring for the pashminas, our team of experts share some tips for professionally reconditioning and caring for your treasured pashmina for generations to come!Did you know?With proper care, your pashmina will get softer and richer with every wash! Making them a luxurious lifetime investment!

 Step 1:Gather cold water in a bucket/ bathtub. Add neutral detergent such as baby soap and allow particles to dissolve.

 Step2:Very gently wash the pashmina with hand, be cautious with the embroidery or tassels (on boarder)

 Step3:After cleansing, do not compress the pashmina, simply lay it flat and allow it to dry.

 Step 4:Once dry you can gently iron the pashmina on low heat however make sure to place a cloth between the iron and pashmina to reduce exposure and direct heat contact.

 Step 5:Enjoy your soft, clean and luxurious pashmina forever!